Tide A Designs


A collection of work from the past, and a few misc. projects

The Concept Kicks

A NFT Collectable series of 3d concept renders created and minted on Layer 2.

Created using cinema 4D, After Effects and octane render.

This project also included a small portion of branding and logo design using Illustrator and Photoshop.


Theta. – (Photography, Photoshop)

A mixed media project thought up to be used as a 1 hr quick warm up for color, lighting, retouching, compositing, set dressing, and photography. I used a phone camera and photoshop to add the car photos over the physical photos in the scene.

3D Patterns

Patterns made using Cinema 4D Mograph tools and Octane render.

Experimented with light while modeling geometry and texturing to develop unique patterns that I can utilized across multiple projects.

ALIYO N' THE CLONES custom NFT 3D character headshots – First test set