Tide A Designs


A collection of work from the past, and a few misc. projects


Theta. – (Photography, Photoshop)

A mixed media project thought up to be used as a 1 hr quick warm up for

color, lighting, retouching, compositing, set dressing, and photography. I used a phone camera and photoshop to add the car photos over the physical photos in the scene.

Tip: This is a great way to come up with some quick stock photos on a tight budget! especially if you are building a website.

I set dressed with decorations from around my art studio to establish a feel and flow between the items while incorporating other photography in post.


Here are a few logos I have had the opportunity to create from the past and recently.

3D Patterns

Patterns made using Cinema 4D Mograph tools and Octane render.

Experimented with light while modeling geometry and texturing to develop unique patterns that I can utilized across multiple projects.


Lets experiment with the future of art and technology together.

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Opensea and Mintable!

ALIYO N' THE CLONES NFT characters – First set available on Opensea

Apparel Graphics/ Logo Design

I was hired to create new variations of the previous

logo that would also be used for apparel / merchandise.

Collaborated with company leaders to concept direction on

final product.