Tide A Designs


Speed arts, tutorials and creative breakdowns

Concept Kicks

3D NFT wearable asset / motion project (WIP) – created using Cinema 4D.

This quick speed art shows the process through

my concept and modeling stages early in the design. Originally worked with modeling a quick foot to gain a feel for how to best model the shoe design and loosely stretched and sculpted to test different forms while creating the final shape.

Stamina Potion Bottle

3D Modeling, procedural texturing, lighting 3D project – created using Cinema 4D.

a side by side view of the final render next to a preview of the normal map and wireframe.

Loadout Attachments

Loadout menu item concepts / 3D project – created using Cinema 4D.

A quick multi concept loadout view created as a background suited for a UI menu overlay for concepting different attachment items for a game.